Why London Serviced Apartments Are a Great Alternative to Hotel Accommodation

Business travel is now easier due to lower restrictions, advancements in technology and appealing business opportunities among other things. However, the rising costs of accommodation are one of the factors that business owners and corporations have to carefully watch out for and control to ensure that their profits do not plummet. Extended stays at high end hotels are costly. This is especially the case when you consider that business travelers spend more time outside their hotel rooms, conducting business. Business travelers who are visiting London and want to save costs while enjoying the amenities offered at hotels can choose to stay in London serviced apartments. These apartments also offer the comfort and privacy of a home. They are therefore a great alternative to the conventional or extended hotel stay experience. Serviced apartments are fully furnished and they are available for both long term and short term stays. They usually have cooking utensils and soft furnishings so that people who want to stay in them for the long term do not have to carry their own utensils or soft furnishings. Services like parking, front office and housekeeping are included in the rent.

Advantages of serviced apartments in London

Size – Serviced apartments are typically 700 square feet or larger. You get an entire apartment with a separate living area, bedroom and bathroom. This is nearly three times larger than traditional hotels and twice the size of a typical extended stay hotel.

Rooms – Serviced apartments usually have 3 to 5 rooms, including a complete kitchen. Traditional hotels usually offer a single room, while extended stay hotels have 1 to 2 rooms.

Price – A serviced apartment typically costs less than a traditional hotel in a similar location or of a similar standard. This is especially the case if you are staying medium to longer term.

In addition

Fully inclusive facilities – A serviced apartment offers amenities like broadband, satellite and parking. This can enable you to save on most extras that hotels usually charge for.

Safe and comfortable – surroundings where you can receive and entertain visitors or have friends or relatives stay over, at no additional cost.

Flexibility – You can book stays for just one night or for as long as you want. In general, serviced apartments are stylish and have an open plan design. If you are travelling with a business colleague, you can share a three or two bedroom apartment. This will help you save money that would have been used to pay two hotel rooms. You will also be able to share all the amenities without having to pay more money. You can also opt for serviced apartments if you are planning to relocate your staff members from another place to London. Your staff can stay in the apartment you choose for them comfortably as you organize permanent accommodation.

Just like hotels the prices of different London serviced apartments differ. Some offer luxurious accommodation while others offer modest and affordable accommodation. You can book many serviced apartments online through their website, agents or dedicated portals for finding serviced accommodation.