Features of a Tablet Car Mount

If you have children, you know how difficult it can be to entertain them on long car journeys. In fact, this is even the case with some adults. With modern technology so readily available, it is so easy now to give them a smartphone or tablet to watch. But this can cause squabbles if there is more than one child. Or adult. Plus you don’t get the best viewing experience trying to watch a movie whilst looking down. And the person holding the tablet won’t keep still. The list goes on. So what is the alternative? You might be thinking about buying something to mount your tablet in the car.

What is a Tablet Car Mount?

You may laugh at the idea of fixing a tablet in a car, but actually this is a great idea when you think about it. Not only does it allow for easy viewing, but it keeps your expensive tablet safe and secure in your car. There are many different designs available, but they all will secure your tablet into a holder so it can be visible.For great advice visithttp://www.ithingum.com/car-mount-holders/ for more guidance on choosing the best tablet car mount holder for your needs.

Useful Features

The position in your car will be one of the main deciding factors. However, there are other features that you may want to consider.

  • Size of the tablet. Some mounts are designed to hold a specific size tablet like an iPad mini and other 7” tablets. Not all mounts fit all models of tablet so check yours before you buy.
  • Take note of whether you need to remove the tablet from its case before attaching the mount.
  • Child proof case. There is at least one model where the headrest mount is a child proof case. This would be suitable for those with young children.
  • Those mounts with a rugged construction are designed to last longer and minimize vibration.
  • Mount lining. This comes in different materials for example rubberized material. This gives the mount good grip on the tablet and will also minimize vibration.
  • Adjustable height. You may wish to be able to change the height of the tablet depending if adults or children are watching it.
  • Access to ports and controls.
  • Quick release. You don’t want to struggle every time you leave the car.
  • Viewing angle. Many car tablet mounts have a 360 degree rotation. However, not all of them do. Bear this in mind if this is a feature you would like. You will probably want to be able to rotate from portrait to landscape at the very least.
  • Tablet or phone. Some models enable you to switch between mounting your tablet and mounting your phone.

Where is the Tablet Mounted?

There are many places that a tablet could be mounted in a car. These are the main positions that are available to mount a tablet holder. Consider the fact that you may not just need it for in car entertainment for the passengers. Tablets are also useful for running your GPS and playing music so you may want the driver to be able to see and access the tablet too.

  • Headrest Mount. These vary between a strap around the headrest and more complex anchoring systems. Some can be mounted between the 2 headrests so is more visible being in the centre of the car.
  • CD Slot Mount. If you no longer use your CD slot in the car, there are some great options available here.
  • Air Vent Mount. These are a better choice in cars where you can turn off the air vent holding your iPad or tablet.
  • Window Mount. Can be mounted on a window or the windscreen.
  • Other Mount Options. These places include cup holders but this location may be tricky in a manual drive vehicle. A more unusual location is the seat bolt. Rather than removing the mount every time you leave the car, the seat bolt car mount is a permanent solution that bolts onto the passenger seat.

As you can see, tablet car mount holders can be attached in a variety of places. Look at your car and decide the best place to mount your tablet. You can see that you can practically mount it anywhere.