Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

One of the main hurdles that you have to go through as a small business is advertising on a budget. While it might sound simple, the thought of reaching thousands of customers per week if gives many business owners sleepless nights.

Well, this was the case until the launch of social media a few years ago. You can now promote your products and services to thousands, even millions of eager users on a single platform without the need to set aside huge sums of money.

One of the top platforms to achieve this is Instagram. If you are already on the platform, then it is time to do things differently. If you haven’t joined yet, then you are missing out on a lot in terms of engagement and sales.

Have No Time?

Do you want to get great results from this platform, yet you have no time to find followers and pass your message across? You can use Boostfy, a tool that automates all the activities on your Instagram page making it easy for you to build your brand without putting in all the hours and efforts. You can read about it over at The Small Business Blog and then decide to give it a try before purchasing a package.

How Does Instagram Advertising Work?

When a user checks out photos from their friends, the can see sponsored ads between these photos. These ads look like normal posts but come with a call to action at the bottom of the image asking you to perform an action. The action can range from learning more, signing up or shopping. When the user clicks on the image, they are redirected to your landing page.

Advantages of Instagram Advertising for Small Businesses

With over 800 million users and still growing, it is most likely that a large number of your target market is using this app. Using the app for advertising purposes comes with several advantages that include

    • Better targeting capabilities: With this platform, you can focus your ads on a specific group of users according to the age, gender, location and niche. For instance, if your target audience is a teen, then you can filter the selection to show your ads to this kind of audience.
    • High levels of engagement: Since this is a visual app for image-sharing, you don’t expect a high level of newsfeed as the one we see on Facebook. This means each post attracts higher levels of engagement compares to the other media sites. Users are 50 times more likely to talk about your content on this site compared to Facebook and 120 times more compared to Twitter.
    • Analytics: You can easily find out how many people are following you, clicking on an ad or even checking out your products without the need to spend money on expensive tracking tools.

Bonus: You Can Use Different Kinds of Ads to Get Attention

You can use a slideshow, carousel, single video or single image ad to pass your message across. To choose the best ad, consider your objectives and the kind of message you want to pass across.