Things to Ask Movers Before you Hire Them

Even before you consider spending your money on a particular moving company, you should do enough vetting through the phone. In fact, that’s the surest way to know if the moving company has what it takes to meet your needs. Be sure to ask about the items below to gauge whether you’re dealing with a dependable service. The last thing that you want to do is to transact with a rogue hiring company.

The Registration Number

You should never deal with a moving company that doesn’t have a registration number. More specifically, ask for the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) number commonly referred to as the USDOT number. Note that the company may not have the registration if they operate within one state. Besides, you can always check with the FMCSA online.

The Charges and Rough Estimates

Just like anything else, you need to know how much the moving company you plan to hire will charge you. After all, you can only spend on what you can afford, right? As a general rule, most companies will charge you according to the distance and weight in pounds. In essence, this means that you will pay less for short distances and more for longer distances. It is critical to note here that the company should give you a printed copy of the rates. Think of it as part of the agreement. Note – the agreement should show the method of transports and the mode of payment. Both parties must sign it too.

Ask if There Will be Subcontract

Large moving companies may choose to subcontract to smaller ones. If this is the case, you should ask for the subcontractor’s name. If there are several subcontractors, get a full list. If the company is not sure whether they’ll subcontract or not, you should wait for the final decision before hiring.
In most case, any info on subcontracts is readily available. In fact, the moving company should avail it to you without asking.

Ask About Additional Fees

Find out if the company will charge you any extra fees. Keep in mind that some companies will have an excuse to charge you more than the agreed amount such as when your new destination isn’t easily accessible. To makes sure that there are no such costs, you should have a pre-arrangement with the company to use a large truck.

Alternatively, you may consider using a storage facility to keep some of your items and valuables until a later date. That way, you can find a cheaper way of moving them without paying exorbitant fees. On that note, visit SmartLockStorage to view of the best storage facilities in Montgomery County area and how they can make moving houses or offices easier for you.

The Bottom Line

Moving doesn’t have to be that hard. However, you need to do it right especially when dealing with a moving company. Indeed, you want value for your money, so deal with a company that will provide exactly what you’re looking for – no cutting corners.