Unique Wedding Ideas For A Memorable Wedding

Everyone wants to stand out, and it is no different when it comes to weddings as they are special moments. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people, and that is why it carries so much weight. You may have attended many weddings, and some were just normal while others always reign in your memory. The success of the wedding lies within the preparations that people make. You can have a low budget wedding but still, create memories that people cannot erase. The following are unique and simple wedding ideas that will make the event memorable.

    1. Pre-ceremony cocktails

If you have attended many weddings, you may have noted that foods and drinks are served once the ceremony is over. You can break these unsaid rules and give your guests a treat even before they get seated. Ensure that you have some light beverages to keep your guests refreshed even before they have a taste of the wedding. Have several people serve the guests to avoid crowding at the entry point. Have someone to collect the glasses and any other utensils to keep the space clean. Ensure that you have a variety of drinks to suit different classes of people.

    1. Have a special treat for the kids

Children are amazing when they attend a wedding. However, sometimes they may become uncontrollable and interfere with the normal program. You can organize a special place where they can enjoy various games at the watch of an adult. Some of these kids may also require special foods that are different from the rest. If it is a self-service buffet, ensure that you have someone to serve the kids. The special treat should be for those kids who can part with their parents at will.

    1. Unique entertainment

Majority of the weddings feature performances from friends and family members. It is also a chance to shower the newlyweds with praises from all corners. You can break the norm and get entertainment that people cannot afford to forget. The type of entertainment that gets everyone on his feet and enjoying the moment. The only way to achieve this is to get someone who specializes in wedding entertainment. At location in North West, you can get a wedding singer for an experience that you will never forget. An ideal wedding entertainer understands the demographics and knows how to fit at the moment. The entertainer should be able to switch from various genres to entertain all based on generation.

    1. Customized escort cards

It is always good to thank those that grace the event as you exchange vows with your spouse. In most weddings, you will find generic messages on these cards which guests forget as soon as they leave the premise. You can make your cards standout especially when you have an invite-only wedding. You can write the name of the guests on cards and a personalized message for them. You have to draft the messages together with your spouse because you will be expecting guests from both sides of the family.