6 Unexpected Uses of Vacuum Sealers Outside the Kitchen

Vacuum sealers have changed the world of food preservation significantly. However, did you know that this versatile equipment has a range of uses that go beyond the kitchen by far? With the right attitude and supplies, almost anything may be vacuum packaged—anything that may come in handy while you’re taking part in rigorous or messy activities. The following are six unexpected ways vacuum sealers are used outside the kitchen.

Keeping vital documents safe

Using only the sealer function, you can secure all of your vital documents in clear plastic to ensure they’re protected from fading, dust, mildew, or moisture damage. This can prove useful for everything, including house deeds and birth certificates. If you want to protect a document that’s really flexible and has a few pages, make sure to not use the vacuum function or the document could crumble. Tougher items such as passports can withstand partial vacuuming.

Preventing tarnish on jewelry and silverware

Metal items get tarnished due to exposure to water and air, and jewelry becomes tarnished when it comes into contact with your body’s salts and natural moisture. You don’t want tarnish to spoil your family’s heirloom silver service. Using a vacuum sealer to protect these pieces lets the serving utensils, spoons, forks, and knives look as good as brand new for years to come.

You can also preserve silver as well as other jewelry items this way. Some intricate items would be expensive to refinish with a jeweler or difficult to polish. If you keep them in an air-free pouch, they’ll still shine beautifully when it’s time to wear them.

Storing clothing, linens, and other fabrics

Most households have a range of towels, pillowcases, and sheets that they regularly use and launder regularly. Also, many of them have linens that are used for important occasions or have been handed down through generations. For instance, your set of sheets might be set aside for guests, or your grandma’s embroidered tablecloth might be used only for Christmas dinner.

Sealing these items when not using them is a great way to keep them fresh and preserve them. You also can use a vacuum sealer to protect clothing items you rarely wear, baby clothes you’re saving for posterity or the next child, and things such as Halloween costumes from year to year.

Protecting and storing collectibles, photos, and memorabilia

With a vacuum sealer, you can protect ticket stubs of your very first concert, postcards from your favorite destinations, high school yearbooks, and more. These are things you may want to save forever so you can take them out from time to time to reminisce. Simply keeping them in a shelf or putting them inside a box can invite damage with time. This is particularly the case with print photos. Many folks have boxes of photos from their grandparents or parents that they’d want to keep for life.

With a vacuum sealer, you can encase your photos in a transparent, thin plastic that will allow your memories to last forever. It’ll also be easier to store your photos as you’ll not need an additional box or bin for large things like photo albums, scrapbooks, or books. Simply pile them on shelves instead.

Storing kids’ crafts

Let’s face it—children are messy. One of the best methods to prolong the life of your children’s crafts while keeping them also organized and safe is vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealers come in handy especially for parents whose kids tend to lose containers or pieces, like those that contain tops for markers and paints, or moldable dough.

Camping, boating, hiking, and other forms of recreation

A vacuum sealer comes in handy for any kayak or canoe ride that places your property in harm’s way. Before heading out, make use of your vacuum sealer to protect your gear, paperwork, and even smartphone from damage. Items such as extra clothing and rain ponchos in case the boat capsizes will consume a lot less space if they’re vacuum sealed.

Even if you’re far away from water, camping and hiking also require easy-to-carry and convenient packages. A plastic sheath wrapping can keep anything clean. You can also use a vacuum sealer to pack snacks and assemble a first aid kit. A vacuum sealer will do it all for you as it’s convenient, clean, and secure. Be sure to check out this Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide before buying one.