Benefits of Paying Monthly for your Business Website

So, here’s the thing – you don’t need a lot of cash to have your website up and running. Yes. You can opt to pay monthly for your site, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But wait, does this strategy make any sense? Of course, it does! And here’s why;

No Setup Fees

One of the primary reasons you’d want to pay for your website every month is because you’ll not part with a tidy sum upfront. By extension, this means that you can have a low-cost site without leaving a hole in your wallet.

With no setup fee, you will make significant savings that can go into other areas of marketing your brand. Think of it as an affordable way to enable you to showcase your business to potential clients at the click of a button. Also, you don’t have to pay for support since the cost is in the initial quote.

No Contracts

Picture this – you’ve paid for your website, say for one year. Then, out of the blues, it goes offline. On trying to inquire, you’re told by your developer that you’re in breach of terms and conditions of the original agreement. That, however, shouldn’t be a cause for concern with a pay-per-month arrangement.

See, by paying for your site month to month, you’re essentially bypassing the sometimes complex contracts. You have no duty to renew your subscription after thirty days. Even more impressive, there are no specific commitment requirements.

You Get to Own the Website

You become a website owner soon after making the payment. And the beauty of it is that you’re paying for a fully customized website. On top of that, you can start to target your ideal customer with minimal or no changes at all. Of course, it makes perfect sense to be in control of your site as it enables you to establish the direction that you want your business to take conveniently.

Value for Money

Even though affordable, low cost websites are functional enough to meet the demands of your business. Sure, you’re not spending a tidy sum, but that does not mean that you’re getting a hurriedly assembled site that can hardly showcase your products or services.

In other words, as long as you’re dealing with the right developer, you can rest assured that your website will look professional enough to guarantee visits (and sales, of course). You only need to make sure that your site is informative and well-designed.

The Risk is Low

The truth is – there’s no assurance that your website will become a success. Besides, you may change your goals over time. By paying monthly for your site, it means that you can cushion yourself against huge loses should you decide to change course. Put differently; you can forgo your website without putting yourself in financial strain. More than that, the affordability allows you to own several sites while spreading the risk across the board.

You Get an SEO Optimized Website

Forget what you read for a sec – Search Engine Optimization isn’t dead.  And guess what? SEO isn’t the simplest of things to do, especially if you’re a beginner.  A good developer will make sure that your site is SEO ready or at least provide tips on how you can make it visible in search engines.

Some of the essential things you can learn here include how much traffic you’re generating and the number of leads your website is creating. What’s more? You get help on other aspects such as keyword research and content writing. And then there’s the professional email address.

You Get a Mobile Responsive Website

Your site has to be mobile compatible in today’s digital world. See, more people are browsing the internet now than was the case five years ago. And, because the trend will continue to rise, it makes perfect sense to make sure that your site is mobile responsive. The last thing that you want is to miss a sale because a potential customer couldn’t access your website via their smartphone.

When choosing a pay-per-month service, make sure that it can give you a site that users can scroll in the comfort of their cellphones.


You want to give visitors to your website the best user experience. A developer who has the needs of your customers in mind will create a site customized to meet their needs. You will get functions such as social media integration, an online shop, and questionnaires to mention but a few. The best part? You will only pay for the features that you require. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade your site to suit you and your business.

It’s Time Saving

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, you want things done on time. Any pay-per-month service worth your attention should ensure that your site is ready to use as soon possible, preferably within a week. That way, you can start to market your brand and cash in on any available opportunity.

You Get Secure Hosting

All web hosting services are not equal. Moreover, choosing one over the other can be hard not to mention that you’re not always sure what to expect. A reputable pay monthly service will not only help you with hosting but also take care of technical specifications and support. It’ll also ensure that your site is safe and provide you with a free SSL certificate.

The Bottom Line

You can get a website that looks professional without blowing your budget. Pay monthly is not only a reasonable option to have you started but also a convenient way to get online fast. And, with the minimum risk, you can test the waters before deciding if the service works for you and your business.

Don’t forget to read independent reviews about the company that you plan to use. The idea to ensure that you’re spending your cash on a service that will deliver the results you’re hoping for. One more thing – the customer helpline must be reachable round the clock.