How to Stop your Dog From Digging

How to Stop your Dog From Digging

Lately, your dog has been creating burrows all over your yard, transforming the once lush landscape into an unpleasant sight. While you may not know it, your pooch doesn’t in any way seek to destroy your backyard.

Most probably the dog is seeking for pleasurable activities, feeling neglected, looking for prey, craving for attention, wants to escape, uncomfortable and wants protection.

To address such an issue, start by finding out what makes dogs dig. There are many reasons, so you need to solve the problem based on the reason(s) your canine(s) is digging.

Does Your Dog Feel Neglected and is Seeking Entertainment?

Dogs start to burrow once they realize they can “play” with the roots and the soil. Your pooch will dig for entertainment due to any or a combination of the following factors.

    • He is solitary and rarely gets human companionship
    • His instincts drive him to dig
    • There are no other dogs or toys to play with
    • He’s trying to imitate how you “play” with the soil while gardening
    • He is still young – dogs under three years of age have a lot of energy and tend to play more
    • He’s generally active due to his genetic composition – sporting or herding dogs tend to be more active compared to other breeds.

How to Resolve the Issue

Make sure that your dog has more human contact so that it doesn’t feel neglected by doing the following:

    • Ensure that the canine walks more often, preferably two or three times every week. Your dog could be digging because he lacks enough exercise.
    • Enroll the dog for a training class.
    • Ensure that your pooch learns a couple of commands and how to obey them
    • Utilize the animal’s energy in a more constructive manner. Teach him how to fetch a hidden object such as a ball or how to catch a flying disk.
    • Let the dog access toys more often to keep him busy. Fill the toys with treats and be sure to alternate them quite often so that he doesn’t lose interest in playing with them.

Is Your Dog Looking for Prey?

Dogs will often dig in search of small animals and insect. You will know this is the reason for his burrowing if:

    • He only digs one area of the compound
    • The area he is digging has foliage and shrubs
    • He seems to follow a particular digging pattern

How to Resolve the Issue

Determine if your compound has burrowing animals. Lay traps to capture them or fence off the area so that your dog doesn’t have access to it.

What You Shouldn’t Do

When trying to get rid of the burrowing animals, be careful with the products you use. Harmful or toxic products could end up killing your dog.

Don’t Forget to Keep your Dog Comfortable

At times, your furry friend could be uncomfortable. So make sure you get the right accessories to ensure that your animal lives in a good, stress-free environment. On that note, go to this website to view a collection of pet accessories that can help you improve how your canine lives. Remember, the level of comfort that you provide to your dog determines his other habits.