Peony 1875 Watt vs Solia Hair Dryer

Peony 1875 Watt vs Solia Hair Dryer

When I see men or women with a beautiful head of hair, it always makes me think that there has to be some kind of a secret to why it looks so good. I reckon that if you were to stop one of these people and ask them the trade secret to their hair’s fullness and bounce, they’d say it’s the products they use and that they entrust their hair only to the best. I know that extensive research goes into producing hair products and that you get hair tools and products that suit all types of hair.

After a visit to my local hairdresser to try and do something with my fine, thin, limp hair, I took note of the hair dryers they used. This was because my hair looked fuller and thicker once they were finished working on my hair. I saw it was the Solia hair dryer. What I liked about the hairdryer is that the stylist seemed to manage it exceptionally well, as if it was very lightweight.

The Solia is somewhat heavier than other hair dryers

When I asked the hair stylist about the hair dryer, she said that in actual fact one disadvantage is that she and the other hairdressers found it slightly heavier than other hair dryers they have used in the past. It weights 1.4lbs so you can make up your own mind. One thing is sure, this Italian made hair dryer is certainly easy on the hand. The salon can’t afford to have their hairdressers constantly on sick leave with carpal tunnel syndrome. With the Solia hair dryer, you get an ergonomically designed comfort grip handle which has been specifically designed to reduce stress on the hand and wrist.

Some of the other brilliant features are:

  • The dryer comes with an 1875 watt high out motor.
  • What I particularly like is that the cord is nice and long.
  • Removable air intake filter.
  • You get 2 concentrator nozzles to give you the styling results you want.
  • A nice quiet hair dryer, yet powerful enough to dry your hair in a jiffy.
  • The hair dryer comes with an instant cool shot setting to ensure a long-lasting hairstyle.

In conclusion

I’ve had my Solia for 18 months now and I like the way this hair dryer has given me the chance to choose the look I want. I’m happy with it because I think my hair is somewhat shinier and fuller, and I like the idea that when my hair dryer does eventually pack up. The reason I bought it in the first place is that I saw it on Oomphed, a review site for hair styling products and I can’t say they disappointed me.

How about the Peony 1875W hair dryer

Sometimes it pays off to do a lot of research on the perfect product for your needs. Even when that product may be a little out of your budget, the needs of the product outweigh the price. Professional style hair dryers are great for those who want to style their hair for special occasions or for daily styles. The motor is a turbo making the air come out even faster, granting more heat and better results. Everyone needs a great hairdryer and the Peony has produced quite a few that can meet those needs.

Features and Functions

The design of this Peony unit is ideal for anyone who admires the color pink. It produces hot air and is ready for styling in up to ten minutes. For a lower dry time, the ionic technology and the turbo motor can cut the normal dry time with an average hair dryer in half. It is only a pound and a half so the weight in your hand is easily ignored and easier to control than the bulky three and four-pound hair dryers. The cold shot lets those hard to complete styles easier and the cord can swivel 360 degrees for easier functioning ability.

The Strengths

Many consumers who have had previous issues with finding a dryer for their long hair or curly hair needs have complimented this Peony unity for actually leaving their hair feeling smooth and silky. For those who have trouble with using their hands or have conditions where sounds appear louder, this unit is fairly quiet, even on the high settings, according to consumers. The power cord has also received glowing reviews as it is long enough for any endeavor or styling creation.

The Negatives

Some consumers have complained about the high setting is a bit too high, one even comparing it to a tornado. This could be great for certain hairstyles, but these consumers choose the lower setting instead due to the high winds produced. Some customers have complained that the unit stops working properly after a few usages. One even experienced the hair dryer, brand new out of the box, making funny noises after ten minutes of use. The warming up process takes a little longer than expected and the hot air that does come out on the high settings is almost the same as boiling steam, very hot and dangerous, a concerned consumer reported.

In Conclusion

This 1875 watt Peony unit has been added to the category of the best hair dryer of 2018 due to its turbo motor and exceptional performance for several hairstyles. The technology of both ceramic and ionic work side by side in providing some consumers with perfection when styling. Although it may have a few quirks, that other consumers may mention, a lot of the complaints have regarded personal preference. Therefore, when searching for a professional, fast motorized, hair dryer, this 1875 watt Peony unit definitely makes the comparison list.