Purchase Bike For Your Kid And Make Him Learn The Art Of Balancing

Kids learn a lot of simple motions, tricks etc. at their growing age, thus, you must provide them with the toys and the things which can help in their growth and development. Bike or trike is one of the best things that can make them learn the art of balancing. For the safety purpose, you must opt for bike having support wheels for providing balance. At a tender age of two to three years, your kid will learn sitting on saddle, moving bike with feet, stopping it with the use of brakes etc. While purchasing a kids trike or a bike ensure that it is not embellished with heavy object as it will increase its weight and hence your kid will find it difficult to move it. It is fun to learn bicycling for a kid and is also helpful in increasing their balancing power.

Purchase the bike keeping in mind the age of your kid 

As a general notion, your kid cannot ride adult’s bike as the size of saddle, height of bike etc. are not suitable for them. Thus, you must consider the age of your kid before stepping forward to purchase a bike or a trike for your kid. The size of kid’s bike is generally decided by the diameter of the wheel. You can search the web in order to know what size is suitable for your kid. For example, diameter of twelve inch is suitable for a kid of two to four years. The height of the bike should be enough to let your kid’s feet touch the ground; it will help them to move the bike or trike with the help of their feet.

Brakes of the bike – an important factor to consider

Another important factor that you need to consider while purchasing the bikes or the trike is its braking system. You will generally find that the bikes come with handle brakes or the coaster brakes or even both. Hand brakes make use of the kids hand strength while coaster brakes are used by peddling backward. If you are purchasing a bike for a small kid then the hand brakes will not prove to be an effective option. The reason behind is that your kid will not have immense strength in his/ her hands for pressing the brakes as well as he might not be able to hold the brakes in his hands properly. Thus, it is advisable to opt for the coaster brakes if you are purchasing the bike or the trike for a very small kid.

In addition to the size and the brakes of the bike, there are various other factors that you need to consider while purchasing the bike or the trike such as width of the bike, geometry of the bike, weight of the bike etc. It is quite important to consider all these factors for the safety of your kids. You can also opt for purchasing the balance bikes which function without chain, pedals, cassettes etc.