Stormwater- What You Need to Know

One of the issues that arise because of urbanization in Portland is stormwater. This water is due to the natural process of precipitation such as snow, rain, hail or sleet. Due to the use of impermeable materials in creating roads and pathways in urban areas, this water doesn’t get absorbed into the ground. This results into runoff.

Is Stormwater a Cause for Alarm?

Due to the impervious nature of current surfaces in Portland, stormwater cannot be distributed evenly on the ground. The stormwater builds up and carries along pollutants such as pesticides, pet waste, vehicle fluids, fertilizer and much more. All of this waste goes direct into the nearest water body, which becomes a biohazard.

What are The Dangers of Stormwater?

Stormwater and poor stormwater management comes with various dangers. Top on the list is the pollutants deposited in water bodies have a negative effect on water quality and wildlife. Secondly, the increase in the water volume can lead to erosion on the hillsides and water banks. Aside from the pollutants, the water can carry with it debris. The debris can clog the storm drains and lead to flooding.

Stormwater Management

You need to work with a professional company that offers stormwater management services. Such a company understands what to do in each circumstance. The ultimate goal of such a company is to divert stormwater out of homes and businesses. It also makes sure the waterways are free of pollutants. They come up with a stormwater management plan that is guaranteed to work. Some of the approaches to stormwater management are:

1. Building Bioretention Cells

These are hollow patches of land that have a porous backfill under the surface. The backfill is filled with greenery. These cells route the stormwater or runoff into an underdrain. This makes sure the runoff doesn’t pool on surfaces and prevents the pollutants from getting to the waterways. These cells are ideal for enclosed areas that don’t allow water to get absorbed into the ground.

2. Curb and Gutter Elimination Systems

These systems reduce the sudden and rapid transport of stormwater into an existing drainage system. The systems allow for filtration and elimination of pollutants.

3. Installing Underground Stormwater Infiltration Tanks

These tanks store stormwater during the times when the water is high and release the water slowly when the levels of water have dropped. This helps prevent erosion damage in the waterways. The installation is made possible by use of construction services that excavate a hole in the ground, after which geotextile fabrics are layered in the holes. The pipework is connected on the surface and the tank is complete.

The Bottomline

All you need to do to evade the harmful effects of stormwater is contact a company that performs stormwater management in Portland. This company has management plans and designs to suit all your needs, whether private or commercial. The company also understands the laws that govern stormwater administration. You also get to gain from the use of latest management technologies that guarantee proper management. In the end, the ultimate goal is not only to prevent the water from wrecking havoc on homes and property but also to make sure the airways are free from pollutants.