All You Need to Know About Twitter Bots

All You Need to Know About Twitter Bots

Growing your Twitter account, or better said the number of followers is a tedious process. If you see yourself clicking follow dozens of times in a row, and then unfollow people again if they don’t follow you back you could easily drive yourself nuts.

But what if you could automate this process? I know you feel like a robot yourself sometimes so give yourself a break. What you do manually can be done so much faster and efficient with the following Twitter automation tools that I found on the web: TweSocial, Social10x, and Jarvee.

If you are also active on Instagram you catch two flies in one as Social10x and Jarvee are also suitable to gain followers there, for that reason we are going to cover these bots in a little bit more detail so you know what to expect from it as if you have to dig into it yourself you can easily be overwhelmed by the abundance of choice.

Twitters’ Fight on Bots

Be careful though as Twitter is on a rampage of banning bots left and right so instead of using this on your main account you might want to set up a shadow account to run it from. This way you can still reach a large number of users without risking a thing. One important thing to do is switch your IP address before you log in. Otherwise, Twitter still knows it is you who are doing this and in a worst case scenario, you could lose both accounts at the same time.

Twitter made some adjustments to its API, this API is used by most bots so after each change the bot ceases to work, forcing the vendors to come up with an upgrade so it is pretty much of a cat and mouse game that they are playing.

It’s not just about you gaining more followers, bots also get abused in political campaigns like Trumps’ election two years ago, and in other serious cases like Tsunami warnings. I’m sure you haven’t thought of that but those bots consume a lot of resources, slowing the platform down in times of emergency so Twitter will do whatever it can to be a halt to that.

Since 2017 about 200k+ accounts have been banned that produced over 2 million low-quality tweets altogether, that aren’t numbers to ignore.

Making Your Own Bot

It becomes evident that Twitter is mostly focusing on the larger bot providers/sellers but there’s a solution. You can easily produce your own bot and stay under the radar. Sure it will take a while to get familiar with how it works but when you’ve done it once it’s easy to make a few tiny adjustments and do it twice.

Before you get started do make sure you get your hands on a dozen or so SIM cards, for obvious reasons. The next thing on your to-do list is deciding what kind of bot you want to make. The easiest way to your account locked is by sending out unsolicited spam messages, tagging people’s names to get in the spotlight so don’t do that.

If I were to make a bot myself I would just focus on what we discussed first, following and unfollowing people.