Features to Look for in Your electric Blanket

When winter approaches, the only thing on your mind is how to keep you and your family arm. You might have a central heating system, but his means you have to heat the whole house as compared to heating just the bed. Heating the whole house takes a lot of energy, which results in a higher energy bill come to the end of the month.

When the temperatures drop, our thoughts usually turn to hot drinks, electric blankets, and woolen socks as the only remedy to the biting cold.

There are a host of electric blankets to choose from on the market; it depends upon you to make the perfect choice so that you don’t end up with a blanket that doesn’t suit your needs at all.

There are a variety of features you need to look out for if you plan to get the best blanket for your needs. Let us check them out.

Overheat Protection

Frequent use of the electric blanket makes it overheat, and when it overheats, it increases the chances of accidents. You need to get a blanket that comes with overheat protection, first seen on Warm Electric, which senses any temperature variation to switch the blanket on and off as necessary whenever it gets too hot.

You might be interested in a specific part of the body getting the heat, for instance, if your feet get cold too fast and they get warm too slow, and then go for a blanket that offers extra-warm foot zones.

The Controls

You need a blanket that gives you the right controls for raising the temperatures. This means that you need a blanket with a host of different controls that allow you to get the temperature you want.

If you keep on changing the settings at night, then you need to look for a control that has raised markings so that you can see and identify the settings in the dark. You can also have a panel with illuminated controls so that you see them when it is dark at night. However, you might have to pay some more for an illuminated LCD screen on the blanket.

Another feature that you might be interested in is the dual control buttons. These controls allow you to control the temperature on either side of the bed independently so that you don’t have to force the person sleeping next to you to adapt your warmth.

Go for programmable controls that allow you to set a predefined temperature a few minutes before you get to bed. This allows the blanket to get warm before you get to use it.

The Material

Even though you are looking for an electric version of the normal blanket, you need to make sure it is still comfortable since all you need is to cover yourself as you sleep. First, check out the material and see how thick it is. The material needs also to be soft to give you the perfect feeling against the skin.

The thicker the material, the better, because a thicker material makes sure the heating elements are hidden deep within so that you can’t feel the heating elements at all.

Waterproof electric blankets are ideal for kids. This blanket comes with a waterproof membrane that surrounds the wires which prevents the spills from getting to the electrical system.


With the right blanket, you need to make sure you keep it in the right condition so that you enjoy its performance for longer. One of the ways to make the blanket work for you is to clean it each time. Cleaning the electric blanket means wiping it down, but some manufacturers allow you to use an electric washing machine for the task. With removable controls, you get the chance to wash the electric blanket without affecting the electrical connections.

If the controls aren’t removable, then you should avoid using the washing machine on the blanket because this might end up damaging your controls as well as the electrical connections.

In Closing

Choosing the right electric blanket is not all about trial and error, but is more about making sure you know what you need and going after it. With so many blankets on the market, it might be easier said than done choosing the perfect one.