Signs It Is Time to See the Doctor For Your Back Pain

The spine is a very interesting architecture. It consists of 24 small bones connected using muscles and ligaments to create the spine, which give the body form and function. Our offices are not at all user-friendly to this spine, and at the end of the day you end up with pain in the lower back and the neck as well.

Considering the role that this part of the body plays in our life, it is not surprising that more than 19 million people visit the doctor each year to get treated for back pain. But it isn’t that every time we have to rush to the doctor just because of some pain in the back, here are a few signs why you need to the see your doctor.

The Pain Doesn’t Disappear

If the pain doesn’t disappear with the use of medication, then it is time to visit your doctor and find out what the issue is all about. Most cases of back pain are supposed to go away after a short time of using analgesics, but if it doesn’t, and then you need to find out what the problem is.

If the pain lasts for more than two weeks, you need the expertise of a doctor.

Another issue is when the pain gets worse. If you see that the pain is growing worse by the day, it is time to find a solution. For instance, if the pain is radiating to other areas of the body, then you need to move.

It Stops You from Doing Normal Activities

If you find that the pain doesn’t allow you to perform your duties at the office the way you are supposed to, then you need to see the physician ASAP. This means that the level of discomfort is high, and the more you resist, the more you suffer.

If the pain is causing you a lot of discomfort, it means your productivity levels go down, and you stand to miss out on promotion opportunities in the workplace.

Weakness in Your Extremities

Back pain can be debilitating, but when you start experiencing weakness in your arms and legs, then it means that the origin of the back pain is more nerve-related. If the arms and legs go numb or feel weak then be sure to communicate this to your doctor.

It comes as problems with balance when walking or doing any other task. This usually comes due to compression of a nerve between adjacent spinal discs. When this happens, you need to try inversion tables recommended by Free Your Spine to help decompress the area to give you significant relief. You can use the inversion table within the workplace or at home.

Pain in a Certain Position

If you experience pain in a certain position when seating or standing, you need to talk to your doctor to find out why it is so. Make sure to explain the feeling to the doctor during the consultation so that he can prescribe the right diagnostic tests.

Fever That Accompanies the Back Pain

Fever over 101 degrees can be a sign that you have an infection in the body. This can come as night sweats that go away in the morning. If you also experience pain at night that disappears the moment you wake up, then it is time to see your doctor.

The Bottom-line

You need to be on the lookout for some signs that tell you that your back pain needs more than just the pain medication you are taking. What you need is a visit to the doctor’s office so that the issue can be checked out and treated the right way.