First Action To Do When You Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car

Fuel hoses on most gas stations are the same or very similar, which leads to making a mistake. Millions of people, around the globe put wrong fuel in their cars each year and all of them require help. You probably know that a car must use only specified fuel. It won’t run on any other fuel and you will cause engine failure. Before all that happens, you should know a thing or two about how to prevent further damage.

  1. Never start the engine if you used wrong fuel. It can cause severe issues and solving them will last 3 times longer. Note: Don’t even turn on the ignition!
  2. Move your car somewhere it won’t be a trouble. Luckily, each gas station has a small car park, so you can use it.
  3. Turn off the lights and all energy consuming devices in order to save your battery and don’t waste the energy.
  4. Call for a wrong fuel in car technician and wait.
  5. Once your car is fixed, you will be able to go home.

In essence, these are the only things you can do when this mistake happens. There are no other solutions, so you will have to wait and be patient. If you still believe that your car can run on a wrong fuel, stop! For example, if you pour petrol in a diesel car, you will damage pistons, piston rings and the cylinders, simply because petrol doesn’t have the same lubricating properties as diesel.

If you pour diesel fuel in a patrol car, and you start the engine, diesel will contaminate the cylinders, valves and completely ruin your sparks. Keep in mind that new sparks can cost you 2 times more than a full tank of fuel! In addition, draining diesel from the entire fuel system of a petrol powered car is a nightmare that will consume your entire day.

Important things to know

If you have added 5% of the wrong fuel, compared it the correct fuel in your car, you will be able to continue driving, but, your car won’t run as smoothly as it should! If you are somewhere where you cannot get help, and you added only 5% of wrong fuel, add more of the correct fuel and drive. On the next petrol station, when your tank is low on fuel, add more of correct fuel and drive on.