Have Ultimate Fun With Automatic Skateboards

The automation in skateboard is appreciated by the skaters. It gives them new challenges to skate on the more powerful skate board. It is great fun to perform stunts using faster skate boards. Electric skateboards are lighter than the other electric vehicles available in the market. The electric skateboards are chargeable, which is enough to take you up to 16 miles in one full charge.

Incredible features of the electric skateboard

The regenerative braking system, free charging, interchangeable street mode, set up for all types  of terrains, powerful motor, super quality wheels and light body made of carbon fiber composite deck are the common features of the electric skateboards. You can get to know more about them at The Electric Rider.

Things to consider when buying the electric skateboard

When you plan to replace your regular skateboard, you can go for the electric skateboards. Here are some tips which should be considered to buy the new electric skateboards:

  • Light weight: It is easy for the skater to move speedily if the skateboard is light in weight. Motor is installed in the electric skateboard, thus, you should ensure that the weight of the skateboard is less.
  • Motor Wattage: It is only to lure that the motor with high wattage will offer more torque and its speed will be more. Motor controller and gear ratios are also the factors which affect the motor torque. Thus, you can read the reviews of the customers before buying the electric skateboards
  • Number of motors installed: Check the number of motors installed in your skateboard. If you are having skate board with two motors then it does not mean that your skateboard will run faster. It can create trouble in rotation of the wheel. It will also cause more noise than the single motored skateboard.
  • Controller: electric skateboard is controlled via remote. Check whether it is the thumb or trigger remote control. Generally, trigger control is more comfortable to use than the thumb remote.
  • Support and spare parts: It is very important to note that whether its spare parts are available in the market or not. If your skateboard stops functioning or needs service, then there should be authorized service center for providing customer support.
  • Performance: It is the most important consideration for buying the skateboard. You should compare the skateboard of one manufacturer to the other. It will ensure to determine the performance of the skateboard.
  • Go on the test ride: It will be better, if you take the test ride for the skateboard. It will help you to know the comfort and flaws in the skateboard you want to buy and it will help you to pick the right skate board.

Connect with your smartphone

The advanced electric skateboards can be connected with your smartphone for controlling the operations. In this way, you can also customize your ride and track the ride on the smartphone.